Best Paper Awards:

"An Adaptive Time-Division Multiplexing Parallax Barrier Allowing Multiple Observers"
Bin Yang*, Hideki Kakeya*
(*University of Tsukuba (Japan))

"Analysis About System Parameters of Self-interference Incoherent Digital Holographic Recording System Utilizing Geometric Phase Lens"
KiHong Choi*, Jongmin Kim*, Keehoon Hong**, Joongki Park**, Sung-Wook Min*
(*Kyung Hee University (Korea), **ETRI (Korea))

"Reducing the Effect of Crosstalk Noise from Defocused Multi-Depth Holographic Image with a Rasterize Encoding Method"
Siao-Ting Li*, Chih-Hao Chuang**, Chung Feng Kuo*, Hoang-Yan Lin**, Chin-I Huang***, Chien-Yu Chen*
(*National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), **National Taiwan University (Taiwan), ***National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (Taiwan))

"Performance Improvement for Computer-Generated Holographic Stereogram Based on Integral Imaging"
Zi Wang*, Guoqiang Lv*, Qibin Feng*
(*Hefei University of Technology (China))

"Fast Calculation Method for Computer-Generated Holograms Using Saccade Suppression by Lowering the Resolution Based on Fresnel Zone Plate Reduction"
Wei Lingjie*, Fumio Okuyama**, Yuji Sakamoto*
(*Hokkaido University (Japan), **New Generation Medical Center (Japan))

"An Improved View Synthesis of Light Field Images for Supporting 6 Degrees-of-Freedom"
Sangwoon Kwak*, Joungil Yun*, Won-Sik Cheong*, Jeongil Seo*
(*ETRI (Korea))

"The Holographic Information Projection System Based on Holographic Optical Element"
Wen-Kai Lin*,**, Hung-Pin Chen**, Bor-Shyh Lin*, Wei-Chia Su**
(*National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan), **National Changhua University of Education (Taiwan))

Best Poster Awards:

"Perceived Depth in Arc 3D Display Can Penetrate into Behind Real Object by Moving Arc 3D Images in Contrast to Unpenetrated Perceived Depth in Stereoscopic Display"
Kisa Nakano*, Takahiko Yoshida*, Haruki Mizushina*, Shiro Suyama*
(*Tokushima University (Japan))

"High-Resolution Mesh-Based Computer-Generated Hologram Synthesis Using Fast Fourier Transform with Graphics Processing Unit"
Han-Ju Yeom*, Sanghoon Cheon*, Keehoon Hong*, Seoungbae Cho*, Seungtaik Oh**, Joongki Park*
(*ETRI (Korea), **Studio Macrograph (Korea))

"Unsupervised Monocular Depth Estimation for Autonomous Driving"
Chih-Shuan Huang*, Wan-Nung Tsung*, Wei-Jong Yang*, Chin-Hsing Chen*
(*National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan))

"Investigation of Single-Pixel Imaging Using Recurrent Neural Network"
Ikuo Hoshi*, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba*, Takashi Kakue*, Tomoyoshi Ito*
(*Chiba University (Japan))

"Enhancing Visual Quality of Multi-View 360 Video Compression Pipeline"
Junyoung Yun*, Hong-Chang Shin**, Gwangsoon Lee**, Jong-Il Park*
(*Hanyang University (Korea), **ETRI (Korea))

"Simple Stereoscopic Image System Based on Fresnel Plate"
Chung-Jen Ou*, Shang-Ru Yang**, Wei-Chia Su**
(*Hsiuping University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), **National Changhua University of Education (Taiwan))